Celebrating Mental Health Awareness and Fitness Month with a New Fitness & Mindfulness App

New mobile app combines functional fitness, breathwork and meditation, offering an integrated path to change for both body and mind.

PITTSBURGH, May 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness announces the launch of its new mobile app, now available on iOS and Android. Ditabo represents a new approach in the fitness and meditation app markets, offering an integrated solution that strikes a perfect balance between physical and mental health practices, tailored for those striving to lead healthier and happier lives.

The app seamlessly blends unconventional workouts based on kettlebell training and natural movement exercises, with transformative mindfulness techniques such as breathwork and meditation. Users can unlock their true potential and enhance their physical and mental well-being in one user-friendly app, requiring minimal time commitment.

“Our goal is to help users move beyond superficial motivators that tend to let us down in the long-term, and instead enrich their lives with naturally empowering movement and the ability to embrace all aspects of their minds,” said Frank Schlatterer, Founder of Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness. “We help users shift their focus away from the 6-pack abs and bikini bodies dominating their social media feeds, and focus instead on cultivating resilient bodies and peaceful minds.”

Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness offers a comprehensive fitness experience by incorporating lessons from a wide array of disciplines, including kettlebell workouts, yoga, primal movements, bodyweight exercises, and more. The app’s 3-week introductory course, “Training Foundations,” is designed to help users learn new ways to move and empower their bodies, while inspiring a mindset shift around fitness in their lives.

The app places equal emphasis on the importance of mindfulness through its “Foundations of Mindfulness” course. Users will learn basic breathing exercises, connect with their natural breath patterns, and will begin to reframe their perspective around many of life’s challenges.

“The ideals our modern world wraps around fitness and meditation can often hinder more than help,” Schlatterer explains. “As we grasp at the concept of an ideal body, or a mind completely devoid of intrusive thoughts, we can find it’s like grasping at water in the ocean. We sink more than we float. A subtle shift in focus is often all that’s required to start bobbing along with the waves, to begin to learn how to float above it all.”

The Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness app features daily workouts and meditations, workout timers, quick sessions for busy days, accolades to celebrate achievements, and user stats to track progress. Available for download now, on iOS and Android, the app is a must-have for anyone looking to transform their life and kickstart a journey towards sustainable well-being during Mental Health Awareness Month and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

To download the Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness app, tap on the links above from your mobile device, or search for the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

About Ditabo

Established in 2022, Ditabo is committed to enriching user’s lives by helping them cultivate healthy bodies and minds. With a unique and balanced blend of fitness and mindfulness disciplines, and a team boasting more than 70 years of combined personal and professional experience, Ditabo stands out in the health and wellness market, and is poised to set a new standard in holistic well-being.

Frank Schlatterer


SOURCE Ditabo Fitness & Mindfulness