Carnilite Boosts Energy on a Cellular Level

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Suraksha Naturals has created a line of keto-friendly supplements that collectively help to fill gaps caused by the keto diet. One of these products is Carnilite. The nutritional booster is designed to help convert fat to energy. This isn’t done through caffeine or sugar, as with energy drinks, but in a healthy manner that takes a deeper cellular approach to solve the problem.

Carnilite is part of the Keto-Veyda line of dietary supplements. Carefully crafted by the health and wellness brand Suraksha Naturals, Carnilite has been created with optimum fitness support in mind. The supplement’s long list of attributes include:

  • Supporting the body’s energy levels and overall athletic performance;
  • Enhancing the body’s ability to turn fat into energy;
  • Promoting appetite control;
  • Supporting cardiovascular health;
  • Supporting reproductive health;
  • Improving mood, memory, and learning.

This effective physician-prescribed supplement is primarily powered by one ingredient: L-carnitine, a reputable nutrient and dietary supplement that is well-known throughout the fitness world. L-carnitine helps with the process of transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria within your cells. These are organelles — organized structures within a cell — that help with, among other things, the production of energy.

Carnilite uses L-carnitine sourced from Lonza Switzerland. It is recommended to consume one capsule twice a day before meals or as directed by a doctor. Carnilite — along with all of the rest of the supplements in the Keto-Veyda brand — fit in well with the company’s vision “to create a new social movement towards healthy living.” As Suraksha Naturals continues to grow across international borders, Carnilite will likely remain at the forefront of its popular product offerings as an energy solution for fitness junkies across the globe.

About Suraksha Naturals: Suraksha Naturals has operated as part of the Suraksha Group Company ever since its inception in 2003. The organization prides itself as an industry leader in the manufacturing of nutritional supplements and similar products. It prizes research innovation, unique fitness solutions, and a deep understanding of nutrition science.

The company’s Keto-Veyda brand is a line of keto-friendly products aimed at filling in gaps left by the popular keto diet. Carnilite stands tall as part of the Keto-Veyda label, offering high-quality energy solutions for those looking to burn fat, boost energy, and generally move toward a healthier lifestyle.

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