CarePredict’s Predictive Platform Selected Argentum Best of Best Award Winner

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CarePredict, the leading digital health company for senior care, was awarded the Argentum 2023 Best of the Best Award for its AI-Powered Predictive Platform that improves resident health outcomes by detecting health issues and enabling early interventions. This marks the second time CarePredict has received the Best of Best recognition from Argentum. CarePredict’s digital contact tracing product, PinPoint, was selected as an Argentum 2021 Best of the Best Award winner for effectively preventing the spread of COVID-19 in congregate living settings. 

Argentum is the leading national trade association of Senior Living Communities in the United States. The Argentum Best of Best Awards recognize innovative new programs and services that advance excellence in senior living.

CarePredict’s innovative technology uses an award-winning smart wearable, Tempo, to identify daily activity changes that precede health issues such as UTI, falls, malnutrition and depression. This ability to detect the early signs of health concerns allows the caregivers to intervene early, allowing for preventive care and improving the overall wellbeing of residents. Peer-reviewed and published studies have shown that CarePredict reduces hospitalizations by 39 percent, falls by 69 percent and increases the length of stay by 67 percent in senior living communities. The multifunctional Tempo is equipped with features and communication capabilities that have shown to improve staff response time by 37 percent. 

Jill Colling, Executive Director, Bickford Senior Living, said, “CarePredict has played a crucial role in our community’s ability to quickly detect changes in behavior that could precede UTIs, which otherwise would have taken up to three weeks to notice. This innovative technology has significantly reduced unplanned hospitalizations and positively impacted our residents’ health and safety.”

Satish Movva, CEO & Founder, CarePredict, said, “Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to adapt to the evolving needs of senior living. It is with great excitement and humility that we accept this recognition of our success in solving real-life challenges for our customers and improving the health outcomes of their residents, not once but twice.

CarePredict is showcasing its AI-Powered predictive platform at Booth 2801 at the Argentum 2023 Senior Living Executive Conference. To learn more, email

About CarePredict:

CarePredict’s all-inclusive system eliminates legacy point solutions and provides operators with a cohesive solution that helps improve resident outcomes, increases occupancy, and optimizes staffing. CarePredict has peer-reviewed and published outcomes of a 67 percent increase in length of stay, a 37 percent increase in staff responsiveness, a 39 percent reduction in hospitalizations and a 69 percent reduction in falls at senior living communities. The multifunctional system also provides precise real-time location tracking of staff and residents, concierge calls with two-way audio, fall prediction and detection, wander management, workforce productivity insights, staff communications, family communications, electronic door access, visitor management, automated digital contact tracing and community benchmarking.

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