Caffeine, Herbs, and Juice: How Altitude Keeps You Focused and Awake

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Pilotsfriend prides itself on the fact that “all of our ingredients are easy to spell and easy to read.” The company’s unique energy-boosting beverage, Altitude, is built around an arsenal of 100% natural ingredients. These have been carefully crafted to provide an energy boost that is both distinct and long-lasting.

The energy drink market is flooded with unhealthy beverages designed to provide a quick energy spike followed by a nasty crash. From awful ingredients to mediocre and unstable results, the entire industry is predicated on a form of energy sustenance that is detrimental to the human mind and body.

This is what pushed the founders of Altitude to come up with a serious alternative that actually addresses the problem of functioning with low energy. While the taste of Altitude comes from the brand’s own unique “secret sauce” combination, the ingredients at play are something that the company proudly puts on full display.

Everything starts, not surprisingly, with stimulants. However, what is surprising is the fact that the energy booster uses a minimal amount of all-natural caffeine options. A combination of Kola nut and guarana seed extracts provides an adequate amount of long-lasting energy.

While the pick-me-up is obviously important, the goal with Altitude is to do more than simply help you stay awake in a miserable state of anti-slumberous cognition. The drink is also designed to help restore a sense of health and wholeness to the body. This is done through a battery of ingredients that address digestion, inflammation, and immunity:

  • Digestion: For digestion, the brand utilizes great yellow gentian extract, ginger, and cardamom.
  • Inflammation: Altitude fights inflammation throughout the body by using quinine and black carrot.
  • Immunity: The beverage boosts the immune system by delivering a dose of apple, orange, lemon, chokeberry, acerola, and cane sugar.

From fighting stress to helping calm a stomach ache, Altitude goes far beyond the promise of most energy drinks to simply “wake you up.” This alliance of 100% natural ingredients is organic, GMO-free, vegan, and avoids common artificial additives like taurine and aspartame. It doesn’t even use preservatives, leaning on the combination of its unique pasteurizing process, slight carbonation, and its aluminum cans to provide an impressive 2-year shelf life.

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