‘Build Your Dream Physique With Legend Frank Zane’: Soaak Announces its Latest 21-Day Immersion Program

Soaak, a mindfulness, mental health, and wellness app, releases a physical fitness tool for any age, created by world-renowned bodybuilder, Frank Zane

TULSA, Okla., July 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Soaak Technologies, a clinically proven mindfulness, mental health, and wellness app, launches Build Your Dream Physique with Frank Zane, its newest 21-Day Immersion Program designed to help users achieve their dream physique, regardless of age or current fitness level.

Zane, who has won all of bodybuilding’s major titles — Mr. Olympia (x3), Mr. Universe (x3), Mr. World and Mr. America — is one of the world’s leading experts on bodybuilding and active aging. His program will take users on a holistic journey in mind and body to build their dream physique.

At the end of 21 days, users will have learned the affirmations and mantras that Zane uses to stay at the top of his physical and mental game, how to eat properly and how to gain control over their appetite — all from the man who was titled "The Best Physique of All Time" by Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

"At 80 years old, I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to the daily mental and physical fitness routine I have maintained," said Zane, creator of the Build Your Dream Physique with Frank Zane 21-Day Program and Soaak Partner. "It is an honor to share this program with the world and encourage people to achieve their wellness goals no matter how old or fit they currently are. This plan is designed to meet people where they’re at."

Zane shares personal stories within the daily program, teaching users how he achieved his physique and won world bodybuilding titles. The program also includes custom sound frequencies to help users focus on goals, promote energy, and elevate mood.

Soaak is available on Android and iOS apps, Amazon Alexa, Roku TV, and a web-based platform — 24 hours a day, seven days a week — HSA and FSA approved.

Go to soaak.com for a complimentary 7-day trial of Build Your Dream Physique with Frank Zane.

About Soaak:

As seen in USA Today, Soaak is a clinically proven and science-based mindfulness, mental health, and wellness app available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. Soaak provides clinically proven sound frequencies, Mindful Intentions, and 21-Day Immersion Programs taught by leading experts to support mental health, productivity, and emotional wellbeing in 130 countries.

Contacts: Kimberly De La Cruz
Interdependence Public Relations