BSL Nutrition Rebrands as Body Systems

Arizona-Based Health Coaching Business Returns to Its Roots

PHOENIX, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Arizona-based health coaching business BSL Nutrition announces a strategic rebranding that brings the growing company back to its roots. Starting today, BSL Nutrition will be known as Body Systems, a familiar name original to the business when it started 15 years ago.

“It’s finally time to return to our roots as Body Systems with a new look, a little more attitude, and our always unrelenting and unapologetic approach to helping change the belief system around what it means to be healthy,” says Ben Brown, owner and head coach of Body Systems. “While we are about creating change, we are also true to our roots and value commitment. The core of our business remains the same. We believe that your health determines your freedom.”

Brown founded Body Systems in 2009 to overcome his own health issues. The business was originally known as Body Systems Health & Performance. Through years of learning, coaching, and personal and professional growth, Brown and his team transitioned from Body Systems Healing & Performance to BSL Nutrition through their commitment to combining the science of nutrition and supplementation with the art and psychology of physique and lifestyle change.

Fast forward to today, Body Systems is an online nutrition and fitness consulting business specializing in designing individualized nutrition, lifestyle, and strength training programs for highly driven men and women worldwide. The company helps more than 1,100 clients in 26 different countries and has a growing team of four expert coaches.

“As I reflect on the past 15 years, I can’t help but feel such remarkable gratitude for the life lessons and experiences that have transformed our business and the thousands of lives along the way,” says Brown. “I feel humbled that I couldn’t help as many as we would have liked, yet inspired that we have the time, knowledge, resources, passion, expertise, and wisdom to keep growing and positively impacting hundreds of thousands more.”

For more information on Body Systems, its talented team, and coaching services, visit Body Systems will be giving away a coaching program this fall to honor the rebrand. Follow along on social media at @bodysystemscoaching for more details.

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