Brave Healer Productions Releases Dreaming with Bees, a Book about Overcoming Grief

BETHESDA, Md., May 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — What do bees have to do with shamanism, spirituality and dealing with grief? Readers of the new book, Dreaming with Bees: Sacred Medicine from Beyond the Veil of Grief, from Brave Healer Productions, will quickly understand what all the buzz is about.

In the book, lead author Dasha Allred Bond and 23 of her “bee sisters” share their cathartic journeys through personal pain along with tools readers can use in their lives.

There are chapters on an adoptee’s journey from abandonment to belonging; a body-centered practice for finding one’s soul besties; manifesting missing father love; and finding a way through traumatic grief.

The “sister bees” are Jill “GiGi” Austin, Batsheva, Christina Marta Beebe, Leah Benjamin, Maria Brannon, Kristin Clark, Emilie Collins, Kim Collins, Elizabeth DeVaughn, Leslie Garbis, Angelica Dunsavage, Kim Louise Eden, Lilly Emerson, Sonia Fernández LeBlanc, Jennifer Harvard, Jan Hatcher, Wendy House, Hope Kernea, Paula Martens, Dusty Rose Miller, Shelby Reardon, Lauren Russell, and Carrie Elizabeth Wilkerson.

Bond’s obsession with bees began before taking a trip to Mexico in 2021. She recalls, “Every night, out of the blue, I started dreaming about bees. They taught me how the Sacred Medicine of Mother Mary is the same medicine as the bees and the healing hive. Every night for months, they came. During the day, I started noticing bee imagery everywhere, messages on walls about bees, and actual live bees began flying into my field. Before I went to sleep at night, I felt their little energy bodies on my skin. … Around a week before my trip to Mexico, I learned about a training session with Ariella Daly, who teaches bee shamanism. … The coursework was fascinating and completely aligned with what the bees shared with me in my dreams. I felt like I found my true shamanic path.”

Praise for Dreaming With Bees

“What a delight to find a hive of twenty-four women healers, artists, and dreamers telling the bees the deepest stories of their lives and weaving magic to bring us up from the dark places on shining wings. The humming of the bees, familiar not only in nature but in the shift to a shamanic state of consciousness, stirs the pages. We are encouraged to find the gifts in our wounds and rescue the inner children who went away when the world got too cold and cruel. We are given keys for ancestral healing. We are shown how we can journey to meet wounded ancestors in the time and place of their own wounding and become the soul friends who can help them through.” Robert Moss, author, Conscious Dreaming and Dreaming the Soul Back Home

“Dreaming with Bees is not simply a collection of compelling stories but feels more like the casting of a great spell—a communal invitation to heal generations of unresolved trauma. The raw intimacy shared within each of these women’s stories is not only courageous and inspiring it is also addictively readable.” — Michael Goorjian, author/filmmaker, What Lies Beyond the Stars, Illusion, Amerikats

Author Bio

Dasha Allred Bond is a best-selling author, certified dream coach, shamanic healer and certified end-of-life doula who created the nonprofit Aluna Bridge – Hospice Sanctuary. With her family she has pilgrimaged across Southern France and England and sacred parts of Mexico and North America, attuning to the energetic ley lines of the land and the stories carried by the rocks, rivers, trees, and bees.

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