Brain Wafers™ Offer Novel Path to Increase Neurotransmitters for Brain and Body Energy

MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2pt5 Health announces the official launch of its unique supplement, Brain Wafers. Offering on-the-go energy for brain and body, Brain Wafers have natural ingredients that enhance the body’s own production of excitatory neurotransmitters – safely increasing mental and physical energy, along with providing mood and memory support. Designed as an oral lozenge, Brain Wafers are easy to use, with no pills to swallow, no water needed, and are packaged in take-anywhere, single-use pouches. 2pt5 Health is a nutraceutical company that creates natural supplements that work with the body for maximum benefits.

The Science Behind Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are natural brain chemicals that help transmit nerve impulses to other nerves and organs, often classified as either stimulating or inhibiting. Stimulating neurotransmitters include acetylcholine and dopamine. Brain Wafers have natural precursors for aiding the body in creating these neurotransmitters. Acetylcholine plays a role in attention and arousal, and works to activate muscles. It allows you to learn and remember, and to regulate attention and mood. Dopamine positively affects attention, behavior and cognition, learning, memory, mood, movement, and pleasurable reward.

Efficient Energy Delivered to the Brain

"Absorbing and using nutrients is a more complex process than many people realize," said John Pillepich, 2pt5 Health cofounder. "Portions of many nutrients and drugs that enter the GI tract never enter general circulation because they are inactivated by the liver. Called First Past Effect, this decreases the amount of nutrients that reach general circulation. Because Brain Wafers are lozenges, a higher percentage of the nutrients are absorbed in the mouth via sublingual and buccal absorption. This promotes direct entry into systemic blood circulation, reducing loss. Nutrients from Brain Wafers are quickly and efficiently absorbed and used, giving a needed energy lift that starts in minutes."

Who benefits? People who need…

  • Quick Action: People who have careers that have times of quiet, interspersed with periods of intense activity, including firefighters, police officers, and frontline medical personnel. Brain Wafers are on-call whenever one needs to be alert and focused, quickly.
  • Convenience: For people constantly on-the-go, who do not want to carry around cans of energy drinks or cups of coffee.
  • Caffeine Free: Some people become too jittery from caffeine and want to avoid its negative effects.

Naturally sweetened with only ten calories, each Brain Wafer pouch holds one wafer, with ten pouches per box. A pouch measures 2.5" square (two point five), hence the name of the company, which was inspired by this size.

Brain Wafers are manufactured in the United States in a facility certified Good Manufacturing Practices by NSF International. The GMP certification follows the only accredited American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111.

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About 2pt5 Health, Inc.

Founded by nutritionist and pharmacy technician John Pillepich and creative director Roger Greiner, 2pt5 Health is guided by a simple but powerful vision: To help energize people’s lives, naturally. Filling a need in the nootropics market for efficient, effective energy and memory enhancement formulas, 2pt5 Health offers products that are not only safe and natural, but convenient too. Explore the power of Brain Wafers at:

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