BoardRoom Organics Releases New Adaptogen Stress-Less Tea

BoardRoom Organics has launched its newest product and first beverage, Stress-Less tea.
Stress -Less tea features adaptogens that may help reduce stress by lowering cortisol and calming the brain.

MIAMI, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spokesman Tony Petkovich talks about how the idea of stress tea came about "I was visiting some friends in California and after dinner we decided to have a few drinks. Without realizing it we all ordered tea with calming herbs. As we were sitting around enjoying our tea, we started talking about how at the end of the day we don’t want alcohol. What we need is the calming affects without the side effects.

Our inspiration behind this product was to offer people a healthy and beneficial alternative to alcohol to help decompress the end of the day."

It has become common practice for many people to go for a glass of wine or bottle of beer after a long stressful day. In 2020 alcohol abuse was at an all time high, due to the stress caused by COVID-19. Consumption of alcohol has been shown to lower glutathione levels, increase anxiety, cause insomnia, decrease libido, cause weight gain, and negatively affect memory and focus.

"We want people to have access to a healthy beverage, with multiple benefits. Instead of pouring a glass of wine. Self care is so important and especially since the pandemic, and part of that self care is what we put into our bodies. The great thing about our tea, you can enjoy it before you even start your day so you start out calm and focused and prepared to face the days challenges. "-Tony Petkovich

Stress-Less tea features rehmannia and chamomile and is sugar free. It can be enjoyed hot, cold or mixed with your favorite milk.

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