BIRM Is Bettering Life By Balancing the Immune System

Ecuadorian Health Brand Has Spent Four Decades Building Better Lives Through Its American Patented Natural Immunomodulator

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The immune system produces antibodies that defend the body against external threats such as viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. When the immune system is out of balance, it can lead to one of two undesirable outcomes.

On the one hand, the immune system can underperform, allowing an infection to take hold and potentially overwhelm the body without external treatment. On the other hand, a dysregulated immune system can become overactive, leading to an excessive and unwanted response (i.e., allergies) and/or lose its immunological tolerance and react against itself. This can lead to a variety of situations collectively referred to as hypersensitivity and autoimmunity.

In either case, the solution isn’t simply to treat the symptoms, the immune system itself needs to be brought back into balance.

“If your immune system is compromised, you’ll get sick,” explains the creator of BIRM, Dr. Edwin Cevallos A. “The best way to treat an unbalanced immune system is to give it the nutritional support it needs to restore its balance and heal. That’s why I created BIRM.”

BIRM is an herbal supplement that uses varying concentrations of the natural active ingredient Dulcamara root. Dr. Edwin Cevallos A., discovered Dulcamara root while working in Ecuador. Over decades of research, his team isolated specific strands of the Dulcamara species and developed unique, patented manufacturing methods to turn them into potent immunomodulators.

“We are the only immunomodulator with an American Patent,” Dr. Edwin Cevallos A. explains, “We’ve done our homework and found that nature has gifted us with a unique health tool.” BIRM acts as a coadjuvant supplement that helps balance the immune system and enhances the effects of other treatments, such as chemotherapy or antibiotics.

This makes it a versatile, natural, non-toxic supplement that can both maintain and restore balance within the immune system. This prevents and treats both under- and over-active immune responses, improving quality of life and ensuring that individuals are healthy and strong, regardless of their situation.

About BIRM
The creator of BIRM, Dr. Edwin A. Cevallos, is an oncologist, chemotherapist, radiotherapist, researcher, and scientist who has received international recognition for his work on the world’s first naturally derived immunomodulator. BIRM is developed using a proprietary manufacturing technique to process specific species of Dulcamara root in varying concentrations. The result is a product that can both proactively and reactively balance the immune system and restore quality of life. Learn more at

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