Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus Helps Young Children Understand How Their Body Fights Illnesses

PRESCOTT, Ariz., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new children’s book by painter Grandma Ness, Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus (Austin MacCauley), provides a whimsical, entertaining and imaginative way for parents to broach the topic of illness with their children; at the same time, it gives kids a way to visualize their immune system’s response.

Grandma Ness, a pen name for Prescott resident, Annessa Morrison, says that although the book was written for four to seven-year-olds, it’s for adults too because its pages contain the same visualizations. She says she used to rid herself of lupus, a disease she had lived with for seven years that caused her to experience severe pain every day, impacting her ability to work as an artist.

Grandma Ness first had the idea for Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus, 20-years ago, and had put the project aside. She was reminded of it when she moved an art cabinet and the nascent work fell out and was grabbed by her dog. She took that as a sign that she should complete the project, which she did with the assistance of her husband, William, daughters, Journey Neveah and Miranda Fast, and their children, who provided input on the manuscript.

The following is an example of the language used in the book:

So, when you feel icky, or poo poo, or down
There’s no cause to whimper, whine, or frown
You have the power to put out the call
Then in your mind you can picture them all
The Bernie Bugslies will clear it all out
And the Babs the Bot Queens fix it throughout.
You are the master, you sound the call
The hero is you after all
Will you feel better, oh yes for real
You have bugs and bots to command,

In an interview, she can discuss:

  • What she means by bugs and bots
  • Ways we disempower sick children
  • Visualization as a tool for kicking viruses and other illnesses to the curb
  • Where the idea for Bernie and Babs came from
  • How looking at art affected her lupus

Book Launch Event

A book release party planned for April 22 at Sedona Artist Market, 2081 West State, Route 89A, Suite #11, in Sedona, kicks off with an author reading at 4:30 p.m. and a talk on five hacks that make healing visualization work better at 5 p.m. 

About the Author

Grandma Ness is a working artist and painter. Bernie and Babs vs. the Virus is the first book in her Adventures in Healing series. Grandma Ness plans to donate copies to every hospital in the U.S. for their pediatric patients. She holds an associate degree in graphic design from Platt College.

Contact Grandma Ness: (928) 830-3935;

SOURCE Grandma Ness