Avalife’s Holy Basil Supplement Provides Soothing Relief

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Health and wellness brand Avalife has a large array of dietary supplements. Each of the brand’s products focuses on different aspects of holistic wellness and is created through a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern science. Avalife’s Holy Basil is an excellent example of the company’s research and development philosophy in action.

Avalife is an offshoot of its parent company Avacare Global. The Avacare family has always been focused on the mission of its founder, Dr. Vikram Naik, who always considered “providing the best, holistic healthcare services to his patients” to be his number one priority.

The Avalife brand has inherited this lofty aspiration and has channeled it into its top-of-the-line dietary supplements. Each supplement focuses on various areas of health, such as digestion, cognition, and stress.

The brand’s Holy Basil supplement is particularly well-suited to deal with the last item on that list. The product is primarily made up of a pair of related ingredients:

  • A form of holy basil extract that comes from the entire plant;
  • Another form of holy basic extract derived from the leaves.

Other than that, it just has two other ingredients. The first is a vegetarian form of magnesium stearate — a simple salt comprised of saturated fat and magnesium. The second is the HPMC capsules themselves, which are also vegetarian.

The pure holy basil extract present in the product is sourced from AvaGro, Avalife’s sister company that is committed to using sustainable agricultural farming practices in India and Africa. The herb, formally called ocimum tenuiflorum, is often referred to as “The Incomparable One,” “The Queen of Medicine,” and “Mother Medicine of Nature.”

The herb is native to India and has been an Ayurvedic go-to for a very long time. The plant has long been associated with stress management and the maintenance of a bodily state of homeostasis. Naturally, Avalife’s supplement is focused on four things:

  • Soothing the mind;
  • Promoting relaxation;
  • Supporting calmness;
  • Helping with sleep quality.

While it isn’t designed to address acute or chronic stress, Holy Basil is an excellent way to manage occasional episodes of increased stress and strain. The evidence-backed design and impeccable manufacturing process behind the label also mean Holy Basil maintains an incredible level of quality — something that customers of the Avalife brand are already very familiar with.

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