AURA Devices Published Scientific Approval of AURA Strap 2 Accuracy to Helps Users Achieve Health and Fitness Goals with Precise Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA) Measurements

Recently published study verifies the validity and accuracy of AURA Devices’ tracking expertise

BOSTON, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AURA Devices, the developers of wearable devices to monitor health, wellness, and activity, has scientifically proven its new product, AURA Strap 2. The device helps users achieve their health goals by providing precise bioimpedance measurements of body composition and water level tracking. In its recently published study* AURA Devices proved the accuracy of AURA Strap 2’s fat-free mass estimation by obtaining a range of parallel measurements made via the AURA device and the reference method: DEXA.

"Our study found out that AURA Strap 2 provides accurate estimation of fat-free mass using a wrist wearable device, providing a convenient alternative to full-body BIA measurements, as well as other methods of body composition analysis," said Stas Gorbunov, CEO of AURA Devices. "Further, the research demonstrated outstanding performance compared with our original AURA Strap and other commercially available devices, such as inBody230 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, and other methods, such as skinfold thickness measurements."

By performing bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which measures how a person’s body changes as a result of exercise, AURA Strap 2 is the only wearable device that provides fat, muscle, and water balance measurement on the Apple Watch. From there, via AURA App version 3.0, users receive insights, personalized recommendations, and goal setting and management functions to assist them in optimizing their fitness performance and achieving their goals.

The AURA Strap 2 is a wrist-wearable Apple Watch accessory that takes hand-to-hand hand bioelectrical impedance (BIA) measurements to provide the user with information about body composition and water level.

The fully redesigned and re-engineered accessory band provides a new health and wellness data tracking experience. Users can set goals and track their workout performance on their Apple Watch. In addition, they can use AURA Plus, a new service offering advanced analytics and workout content.

  • AURA Strap 2 is 20% slimmer and 5% narrower than the original AURA Strap;
  • A more streamlined measurement process now requires only one touch to initiate;
  • The new architecture captures 16 times more data points than the first generation of the AURA Strap. This improvement brings the accuracy of the AURA Strap 2 to 95% of a DEXA-scan, the gold standard of BIA measurement;
  • AURA Strap 2 attaches to the Apple Watch via new stretchable sport loops rather than clasps, resulting in not only a sleeker design but a more seamless process when putting it on and removing it.

The AURA Strap 2 is available in black color exclusively for Apple Watch, Series 3 or later. It retails for $149 and is available on

About AURA Devices

Founded in 2016, AURA Devices develops and engineers products that make people happier and healthier. The company is led by a bold team of inventors developing wearable devices based on science to monitor health, wellness, and activity that help users to achieve their goals and change health perceptions. The team believes that every person should know everything about their health on-demand. The company is pushing the boundaries to change the healthcare and fitness world, combining technology with human effort. To learn more, visit AURA Devices.

*Additional information can be found in the peer-reviewed scientific article in the Journal of Electrical Bioimpedance.

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