As Pandemic Fears Resurface, Soul Wipe Provides Peace

The Winter of 2022/2023 Has Brought Multiple New Concerns Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Soul Wipe Is Helping Nervous Consumers Stay Clean, Calm, and Collected.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has raged across the globe — and especially the United States — for years. Even now, heading into the fourth year since the crisis began, there continues to be an elevated level of cases and associated deaths. China reported nearly 60,000 deaths between early December and mid-January after suddenly and dramatically lifting its zero-Covid policy.

In the U.S., where the virus has hit hardest during the duration of the pandemic, it continues to quietly persist. Between October and early December, more than 27,000 individuals died from the virus — more than double that of the flu — prompting Dr. Anthony Fauci to say that “we’re still in the middle of this — it is not over.”

As Americans continue to wrestle with the reality of the situation, one brand is providing a quiet-yet-significant ray of hope: Soul Wipe.

“Soul Wipe is a sanitation solution that came to me in the throes of the pandemic,” says company founder Monica Rodriguez Dean, “I saw how much the chaos and fear were compounding the physical danger. The situation was — it still is — distressing to everyone, and if that fear had a physical manifestation, it had to be the harsh smell of the sanitation wipes we were all pulling out throughout the day. The nauseating scent is depressing. It’s discouraging.”

Dean went to the drawing board in search of a solution and came up with Soul Wipe, a unique line of sanitation wipes that combines essential oils and crystals, “The wipes themselves are very effective,” Dean explains, “They’re eco-friendly, made of 100% bamboo, and have 70% ethyl alcohol, so they kill 99.9% of bacteria on the hands. But I wanted to go further.”

Dean details that each wipe uses essential oils, like Eucalyptus or Bergamot, to provide a calm, relaxing aroma. Each of the brand’s seven SKUs also includes crystals to balance each of the seven chakras. Together, these elements help turn each sanitation event into a moment of surrender.

“I hope to help create a few moments of peace throughout each day,” says Dean, “Don’t let the stress and fear-mongering impact your inner peace. Even if you don’t have time to meditate, you have time for a Soul Wipe. Take that moment a few times each day to remember who you are, what you desire, and what is important to you. Then, live into that vision.”

About Soul Wipe

Soul Wipe is a female-owned business that was founded by Monica Rodriguez Dean in January 2021. It is also a minority-owned enterprise and a certified member of the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council. Soul Wipe is focused on the mission of creating serene moments throughout the day — even while a person is sanitizing their hands. Inspired by the ancient modalities of pure essential oils and high-frequency crystals to unblock chakras, Soul Wipe guides others into a space of inner clarity and realization of the present moment. Center your soul, wipe your hands, and raise the collective vibration. Learn more at

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