Artica Systems Releases New Commercial & Residential Electric Whole-Body Cryotherapy Machines

PORTLAND, Ore., March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artica Systems is excited to debut a new and innovative 100% electric, whole-body cryotherapy fleet for both commercial and residential use. An American company with over 20 years of experience in the wellness industry; innovation, performance, and reliability are foundational principles to Artica Systems.

Their latest fleet provides fully immersive, whole-body cryotherapy experiences and boast these state-of-the-art features:

  • -110F true air temperature (-165F with BreezeLink™)
  • Patent-pending BreezeLink™ technology that lets users customize windspeed and refrigerant flow rates from inside the cabin. A paradigm shift in user-controlled therapy.
  • Leading efficiency with estimated running costs of less than $8 USD per day.
  • The smallest engine on the market. Averages 60% smaller than other American manufacturers, and up to 80% smaller than European counterparts.
  • The quietest engine on the market (64dBA at 1m).
  • A custom IoT based networking app that puts diagnostics and control at your fingertips – right on your mobile phone or PC.
  • CryoBoost™ for added capacity during peak demand in commercial units.
  • Rapid-Defrost™ for maximum efficiency during extended use periods.

Artica Systems founder, and chief engineer, Evan Kuklinski left his tech job to open a wellness clinic with his fiancé with one goal: invigorate people’s lives in a holistic, meaningful way. When Kuklinski couldn’t find the caliber of cryotherapy system he wanted, he simply decided to build one. He says, “Listen, my clients come first. With all the conflicting claims and no visible standards, how was I supposed to guarantee the user experience they wanted?”

Cryotherapy is an ever-evolving field of clinical research and technical development. With Ethos, Kuklinski and his team of engineers have achieved their goal of offering a platform for ultimate customization and maximum functionality – putting the power of R&D right into the hands of the users themselves. “We figured the best way to develop a breakthrough technology was to work together with our clients. People who religiously use cryotherapy every day.” He said, “We addressed our prototypes systematically and learned what made for good cryotherapy, together. It was a clever bit of collaborative innovation.”

Artica Systems harnesses the power of cold exposure and its body-, brain-, immune system-, and metabolism-boosting benefits to give users a solution that fights inflammation and promotes healthy immune cells, including cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which play a key role in protecting the body from cancer. Tailored to the broadest spectrum of users, and designed to work in all conditions, Artica systems provides the most adaptive and comfortable cryotherapy experience available. Now available for business and home.

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