Arctic Blue Owner Explains the Essential Nature of Omega-3s

Fish Oil Expert Ludo Van de Wiel Breaks Down Why These Fatty Acids Are Important and How to Source Them Properly in One’s Diet

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Ludo Van de Wiel has spent the last eight years focused on one thing: fish oil and the Omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. The health entrepreneur has a master’s degree in biotechnology from the Dutch Wageningen University and has spent many years operating as a fish oil expert. He worked for a multinational company before launching his own fish oil brand, Arctic Blue, in 2015 in an effort to provide a clean, tasty source of omega-3 fish oil for consumers of all ages and kinds.

“These polyunsaturated fats are essential for human health,” says Van de Wiel. “They provide key nutrients for our heart, brain, eyes, and many other bodily processes. However, Omega-3s are considered ‘essential’ because we can’t make them on our own. We need to get them through our diet. In an era where we are eating less fatty fish, it’s becoming harder to get enough omega-3s, which is why it’s important to take a fish oil supplement to fill that nutritional gap.”

Van de Wiel elaborates that just because omega-3s are essential doesn’t make them easy to ingest. “On the contrary,” he adds, “I was inspired to build Arctic Blue when I faced the daunting challenge of finding a source of omega-3s that my children would actually eat. No child — or even an adult — gets excited at the idea of a fishy taste with their vitamins.”

With this as his inspiration, Van de Wiel created Arctic Blue’s new generation of fish oils. These are sourced from pristine Arctic waters, processed quickly and to exacting MSC standards, and carefully packaged to avoid high oxidation values. By following this careful process, Arctic Blue’s products, which include fish oils for kids and even pets, remain fresh and don’t come with a fishy taste. This makes them a clean, easy-to-eat supplement that allows parents, children, and their four-legged friends to access this essential nutrient without struggling through unpleasant experiences in the process.

“At Arctic Blue,” Van de Wiel concludes, “we are crazy about Omega-3 and serious about the sea. Our goal is to give our customers a clean — dare I say tasty — lifeline to one of the most important nutrients missing from the modern diet.”

About Arctic Blue
Arctic Blue is a Dutch brand that was created in 2015 by Ludo van de Wiel and operates out of Utrecht in the Netherlands. The founder and CEO is a fish oil expert with a master’s degree in biotechnology from the renowned Dutch Wageningen University (an elite institution that focuses on health, nutrition, and agricultural studies). As a father of three, Van de Wiel wished to find a clean fish oil that could nourish his family without everyone struggling to swallow it in the first place. Arctic Blue is the realization of that wish. The brand’s fish oils have an agreeable flavor profile and are sourced from the Arctic (Norway and Alaska) along with algae-based vegan alternatives, marine collagen, and other related products. Learn more at

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