AnyCARE Introduces a TAP2 Health Monitor Smartwatch, AnyCARE Family Connect and AnyCARE Help Connect

IRVINE. Calif., Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AnyCARE is a nimble and innovative telehealth solutions provider for families and senior care business partners worldwide. The AnyCARE telehealth solution is ideal for families with elderly parents, as identifying early health problems is so important in today’s world. Our innovative health smartwatch scans the wearer’s vitals regularly, and shares the information with all family members connected through the AnyCARE Family Connect app to enhance the health and safety of the loved ones.

"As most seniors want to remain in their homes for as long as possible, there is a need for low-cost senior care solutions to support their independent living," said Dr. Soon B Shin, Co-Founder of AnyCARE. "The longer people can remain mobile and care for themselves, the lower the costs for long-term care to families and society. The purpose of the AnyCARE telehealth solutions is to encourage seniors to take a daily walk, pay attention to their vital parameters for early detection of potential health problems, and provide an emergency help connection in case of need. We hope to make a positive impact on healthy aging with AnyCARE telehealth solutions."

Three Great AnyCARE Plans to Fit each Family’s Unique Care Needs 

AnyCARE TAP2 Smartwatch as a Self-Health Monitor – All health information is shared between the TAP2 Smartwatch and the AnyCARE Family Connect app on their cell phone. Heart rate, Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart rate variability, Activities, and Sleep status. Allows for tracking progress and trends. Glucose and Blood pressure measurements can be added manually.  This plan is a free service.

AnyCARE TAP2 smartwatch with Help Connect Service – This plan allows for all the great benefits of the Smartwatch plan with the addition of the Help SOS Alerts feature. When in trouble, such as a fall and unable to reach for the phone, a Help SOS Alert can be sent to all family, friends and neighbors who have the AnyCARE Help Connect app on their phone. The subscription fee for the Family Mode option in the AnyCARE Family Connect app is $4.99 per month for the User onlyThere is no charge to family, friends and neighbors for the AnyCARE Help Connect app.

AnyCARE TAP2 smartwatch with Family Connect service. This plan allows for all the great benefits of the Help connect service but also allows for the sharing of all health information with family, friends and neighbors. Heart rate, Temperature, Blood Oxygen, Heart rate variability, Activities, and sleep status. Alert messages in case of high heart rate or temperature as well as Help SOS alerts are shared with family and friends through the AnyCARE Family Connect App. The AnyCARE Family Connect app with Family Mode subscription is $4.99 per month to the user and $4.99 per month to each family member, friend, or caregiver receiving the health information and Alerts.

AnyCARE TAP2 Health Smartwatch is available at AnyCARE Family Connect is available at App Store and Play Store. AnyCARE Help Connect will be available in early December. 

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