Ananta Medicare Is Entering the U.S.

The Globally Respected Manufacturer Is Continuing Its Expansion Efforts in North America

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ananta Medicare has spent the last two decades establishing its presence as one of the pre-eminent health and wellness manufacturers in the world. The company operates multiple manufacturing plants in India, which produce high-quality food supplements, herbal products, and medicines.

The products produced in these facilities are unique to the Ananta brand. They are based on in-house formulations that have helped the company stand out in a crowded global marketplace.

"At this point, we are one of the most reputed manufacturers in the world," explains company president, Mr. Pradeep Jain. "This comes from years of work and dedication. It also stems from our products, which are effective, high-quality, and uniquely our own."

Jain goes on to explain that his company has been able to create numerous products targeted at a wide variety of different demographics. For example, Anantavati is a phytoneuroregulator that helps regulate brain activity and restore the natural balance of the nervous system. Along with offering this de-stressor in an adult format, Ananta has also developed its Anantavati Kids as an alternative for younger patients.

Jain points out that, regardless of the specific product in question, Ananta’s vision remains the same. "Ananta Medicare always aims to preserve and protect those essential human values of good health and high quality of life. If each person can address these in their life, you can be happy each and every day. At Ananta, we help our customers do just that."

Thanks to a high degree of professionalism and a track record that includes years of successful work in pharmaceutical markets around the world, Ananta Medicare has steadily become a recognizable name in the medical and health and wellness community. It has earned the confidence of patients and doctors alike from multiple countries across the globe — soon to include the United States.

The company is in the process of entering the North American market, where it hopes to have an immediate impact for the better on the lives of Americans everywhere in the months and years to come. Its message of hope, in the form of preserving health and promoting quality of life, is one that is bound to resonate with Americans who are tired of years of health-related scares and lifestyle restrictions that have left them hungering for something more fulfilling. For those looking for answers to these ongoing issues, Ananta may be just what the doctor ordered.

About Ananta Medicare: Ananta Medicare Limited was founded in 1999 and consists of a group of companies that specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products with natural components. These include generic medicines, food supplements, and cosmetics. The brand has plants in India each dedicated to specific manufacturing needs. It also has offices in the UK, India, and Ukraine. The vision of the company is and has always been to protect and preserve health and increase quality of life. Learn more at

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