Altitude Offers Ongoing Energy During the Holiday Hustle

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The holiday season is rife with hustle and bustle. From late nights spent attending social engagements to thrown off sleep schedules and unconventional dietary decisions, it’s easy for one’s body to feel worn out by the time January 1st rolls around. Altitude is a multifunctional beverage that can serve as a welcome source of relief during the busy days of December.

The holiday season may be exciting, but they’re also exhausting. 1 in 3 Americans experiences "festive burnout" before December 25th and nearly 70% of those asked reported that they consider the holiday season to be the most stressful time of the year.

This endless hustle and bustle doesn’t just leave people feeling tired. Eating too many sweets at odd times of the day can throw off the digestive system. In addition, a lack of quality sleep can harm the immune system and open up the doors to sickness.

In spite of all of these health threats, people continue to fire on all cylinders throughout December — even if they’re running on empty most of the time.

That’s where Altitude can make a big difference. The energy tonic is made with natural ingredients that address four key areas: energy, digestion, immunity, and inflammation.

When people become tired, it’s too easy to lean on classic choices, like a cup of coffee or an energy drink, to get a quick burst of energy. The problem is, after the short-term pick-me-up, these options tend to exacerbate the issue. Energy crashes follow, and energy drinks, in particular, are loaded with unhealthy ingredients that leave the body struggling even more.

Altitude approaches the issue of burnout differently. Rather than hyping up the body with excessive amounts of artificial stimulants, it utilizes targeted quantities of nutritional support. This includes hero ingredients such as ginger, acerola, and Black carrot, which help with digestion, immunity, and inflammation, respectively.

Even in the area of stimulants, Altitude is deliberate in how they provide an energy boost. Company co-founder, Ali Asghari, explains the brand’s philosophy, "While a cup of coffee has 90 to 150mg of caffeine and energy drinks race for even higher caffeine content, according to the research done by doctors and nutritionists, for optimal concentration and performance, our body does not need more than 25 to 35mg of caffeine at a given time." This realization has led to a highly-intentional amount of natural caffeine in each can of Altitude. Guarana extract gives the body an immediate release of caffeine, and the cola nut activates about an hour to an hour and a half later. This combination means there is no more than 32mg of caffeine in the body at any one time.

The purposeful nature of Altitude’s formula gives it a quartet of benefits that elevate it beyond the mere classification of an "energy drink." The digestive, anti-inflammatory, stimulating, immunity-boosting beverage is a multifunctional beverage that offers the perfect kind of support for bodies that are feeling run down and ragged throughout the holiday season.

About Altitude: Altitude is an organic energy tonic owned and produced by the Austrian/Italian company PilotsFriend. The brand has operations in Europe and Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace under the direction of Ali Asghari, co-founder and president of the brand’s Canadian wing PilotsFriend West. Originally created to help keep jet pilots awake at the controls, the drink has become a popular source of energy for professionals across the globe. Its quality ingredients work together to offer an organic, natural, long-lasting, crash-free way to achieve peak performance in any and all circumstances. Learn more about Altitude at

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