Altitude Offers Energy While Also Boosting the Immune System

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude is an innovative energy beverage created by the European company PilotsFriend. The drink was originally developed to help pilots avoid falling asleep at the controls. However, since its inception, Altitude has found a growing number of adherents outside of the airline industry who also swear by the drink’s restorative prowess.

Altitude’s ability to effectively support a tired body comes from several factors — not the least of which is that its creators aren’t just interested in manufacturing a short-lived pick-me-up. Company co-founder, Ali Asghari, explains the original intent of his company’s flagship product, stating that Altitude is "a 100% natural and organic multifunctional tonic with a unique taste."

Asghari, who serves as the president of the company’s Canadian wing, PilotsFriend West, goes on to say, "It started with a genuine intention of serving a healthy beverage to busy professionals while keeping the connection to Mother Nature as alive as possible. The rest is history."

The "history" that Asghari is referring to is Altitude’s explosive growth as a healthy alternative to the infamous energy drink for all kinds of tired professionals, students, and the like. Over the course of the last decade, PilotsFriend has rapidly expanded across Europe and Canada. Its recent entry into the U.S. market bodes well for exhausted American consumers as well, thanks to the drink’s well-rounded suite of benefits.

Along with providing a potent dose of energy via natural stimulants such as Cola nut and Guarana seeds extracts, the drink also focuses on three other areas of bodily aid. It helps with digestion and combats inflammation, through ingredients like Great yellow gentian and Black carrot, respectively.

Importantly, it also boosts the immune system through a combination of antioxidants and vitamins from apple, acerola, chokeberry, orange, lemon, and cane sugar.

This natural combination of benefits transforms Altitude from a run-of-the-mill energy drink to a multifunctional tonic. It acts as a restorative beverage that can offer more than just a quick burst of energy. It becomes the perfect support to help the body resist sickness, tiredness, and outright exhaustion — as is too often the case during these troubling times.

About Altitude: Altitude is an organic energy tonic owned and produced by the Austrian/Italian company PilotsFriend. The brand has operations in Europe and Canada and recently entered the U.S. marketplace under the direction of Ali Asghari, co-founder and president of the brand’s Canadian wing PilotsFriend West. Originally created to help keep jet pilots awake at the controls, the drink has become a popular source of energy for professionals across the globe. Its quality ingredients work together to offer an organic, natural, long-lasting, crash-free way to achieve peak performance in any and all circumstances. Learn more about Altitude at

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