All Real Nutrition Takes Sustainability To All New Levels

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — All Real Nutrition is an Irish-based health food brand that creates high-quality protein bars. Its elite manufacturing methods and ingredients lists are only matched by the organization’s passion for sustainability.

Most companies have some sort of "green initiative" these days. They put up recycling bins in the office, donate to earth-conscious charities, and make sure that at least part of their product is recyclable. But health food company All Real Nutrition is taking the idea of sustainability much further.

The Ireland-based brand has spent the last couple of years taking the Emerald Isle by storm. Its elite protein bars stand head and shoulders above the competition in the mind of consumers. This is because the bars incorporate quality ingredients, such as authentic Irish dairy from Kerry and sea salt harvested from the nearby Atlantic.

The quality and attention that the All Real Nutrition team members pour into the brand’s products are also reflected in the way that they approach sustainability. From start to finish, the All Real Nutrition label is centered on making a minimal impact on the environment.

In the words of company founder Niall Harty, "We wanted a brand that stood for more than just sales and could do better in the world." The CEO goes on to explain that his company wanted to fight the fast-moving consumer goods trend that creates so much waste. The answer was a focus on low food miles and locally sourced ingredients. The brand also developed completely plastic-free packaging made from bio-based paper and wood pulp-based metalized cellulose films. Each wrapper can be composted right in their customers’ backyard and will break down in less than 26 weeks.

But Harty and his staff didn’t stop there. They created a full circle of sustainability that goes right past the point of sale. All Real Nutrition has partnered with charities like Plastic Bank to help reduce the amount of plastic polluting the oceans. Their goal for 2021 alone was to prevent 3,750,000 plastic bottles from ever entering the ocean.

From deliberate manufacturing to thoughtful charity, All Real Nutrition is setting a new standard when it comes to corporate social responsibility. The brand’s sustainable focus has already resonated throughout its home country of Ireland. As it continues to spread across international borders, its message of a brighter future is sure to go along with it every step of the way.

About All Real Nutrition: All Real Nutrition was launched in 2020 and is headquartered in Kerry, Ireland. The brand prides itself on being the premier Irish natural protein bar manufacturer.

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