Alcovit Is a Bonafide High-Quality Hangover Solution

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit’s hangover solution utilizes a blend of vitamins and nutrients to fortify the body from the effects of drinking. It also includes zeolite, a unique ingredient that doesn’t just manage the effects of drinking — it prevents them from taking place. Part of the success of Alcovit’s revolutionary formula is the quality and care that it invests in sourcing this all-important element of its supplement.

Hangovers are a common occurrence for many. Most solutions on the market work to manage the uncomfortable side effects of a hangover — think things like headaches, sensitive eyes, and irritability. CDM Medical is offering an innovative solution to the hangover that can potentially prevent these side effects from ever occurring in the first place.

The company’s Avante-Garde formula does incorporate various vitamins and nutrients to protect the body from the effects of drinking. But it takes things to the next level by also including zeolite in its formula.

This key ingredient is a mineral that the brand explains on its website has "the capacity to absorb and adhere to poisonous substances in the blood, in this regard also to alcohol." It goes on to say that "Thus, quite a large part of consumed alcohol will not enter the bloodstream and cannot burden or damage the liver." In other words, the zeolite actually captures and escorts harmful alcohol from the body before it can impact the bloodstream.

Part of the reason Alcovit is such an effective anti-hangover solution is due to the quality of its ingredients. The natural mineral silicate is a volcanic rock that the folks behind the Alcovit label took great care to source carefully.

This started with a long testing process that tried using zeolite from Yugoslavia, Norway, Scandinavia, Canada, and South Africa. It was that last nation that proved to have the best quality rock. Even with its supply chain established, though, the brand continued to focus on quality throughout every step of the process.

The company forged an agreement with its partners in South Africa to use only the finest, hand-collected zeolite. This is ground into an optimal soluble powder that can be consumed easily but isn’t small enough to be metabolized. Instead, it remains in the intestines, soaking up toxins and then carrying them out as waste.

The use of high-quality zeolite optimally milled for maximum effect sets Alcovit apart as a truly innovative product in the health and wellness space. Not surprisingly, the product has quickly found a solid global base of loyal adherents. These use the powder to safeguard their social drinking, whether that takes place in the far reaches of Australia, Asia, Europe, the United States, or beyond

About Alcovit: Alcovit is marketed by CDM Medical, LLC. The parent company was founded by a trio of doctors with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and business management markets. The enterprise specializes in developing innovative solutions for its rapidly growing international customer base.

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