Adults in the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Delaware Have by Far the Highest Interest in Getting Taller, According to New Research from Size Graf

New research conducted by Size Graf sheds light on the level of interest in getting taller after puberty between the various states in the US. The results indicate that adults living in the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Delaware have by far the most desire to grow their height.

CLAYMONT, Del., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Many adults in the world want to become taller including in the US. To get some insight, Size Graf has performed their own research to find the level of adult’s interest in height increase between the different states. The research findings, which are based on Google search data, revealed the District of Columbia, Hawaii and Delaware have the top desire for gaining some height.

Adults located in the District of Columbia appear to be the most interested in getting taller, followed by those in Hawaii and Delaware respectively. The two next states with a great interest in gaining height are Rhode Island and Nevada. For some reason, people in Ohio seem to have by far the lowest desire ever for height growth.

Another interesting observation of the research is the regional distribution of states with highest and lowest interests for getting taller. The majority of states with highest want in growing height are located in either the Northeast or West region. On the other hand, states with the lowest desire for height increase are mostly in the Midwest region. 

“We wanted to gain some understanding into how American adults from different states feel about increasing their height, says Hassan Alnassir, founder and owner of Size Graf. “The data is clear, people that are the most interested in growing some inches live in either the Northeast or West region of the US while those with the lowest desire are located mostly in the Midwest.”

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