A Multi Collagen Pre-Workout That Is Fueling Parents and Professionals Across the Nation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — D2Fit Nutrition’s Multi Collagen Pre-Workout dietary supplement uses specific ingredients to boost energy and increase focus. The product was created by Dance2Fit founder Jessica Bass James’s team to help the popular fitness organization’s customers excel in their limited workout time.

Dance2Fit is a fitness program designed for the modern world. It offers live classes, both online and in-person. The brand has experienced meteoric growth ever since founder Jessica Bass James launched the company in 2010. Jessica Bass James’s personal desire to create a fitness routine that fit into her own hectic schedule meant that her new company naturally resonated with similarly busy, stay-at-home parents and professionals.

Along with offering fitness solutions, Bass also created D2Fit Nutrition, a sister label dedicated to offering dietary supplements for the fitness crowd. One of the first things released was the company’s popular Multi Collagen Pre-Workout products. Among other things, these products increase energy levels and enhance focus before a workout.

Both pre-workout supplements are created with Jessica Bass James’s sprawling online and in-person customer base in mind. Dance2Fit caters to a very busy audience of parents and professionals who struggle to find even the barest time to squeeze in a workout each day. This makes each exercise routine a valuable event that most D2Fit members cannot afford to squander. D2Fit Nutrition’s Multi Collagen Pre-Workout options are helping the company’s audience dig deep and find the energy each individual needs to stay in shape.

As Jessica Bass James explains, her pre-workout product "gives you good clean energy, amazing endurance for any type of workout, whether it’s in the gym, at the studio, dancing, doing Crossfit, just running, whatever it is." Jessica Bass James adds that the product has "no crash, that’s the best part. After you take it and you’re coming off of a workout, you’re not going to crash and feel tired. That’s the best thing ever."

Taken with water, D2Fit Nutrition’s Multi-Collagen Pre-Workout is an excellent option for any busy individual looking for a pick-me-up before a workout. Its popularity is a testament to its ability to raise energy levels, reign in focus, and help each user put their best foot forward with each and every workout routine.

About D2Fit Nutrition: D2Fit Nutrition was created by Jessica Bass James, the founder of the label’s sister company Dance2Fit. The D2Fit brand specifically markets quality workout supplements designed to help each member of Jessica Bass James’s busy customer base care for their physical fitness and mental health needs.

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