A Hot New Product from Master Personal Trainer James Gullatte

COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Master personal trainer James Gullatte is proud to offer a hot new product, the Workout Deck from BOSS Fitness. This workout tool is an easy-to-use, fun, and effective way for individuals to workout anywhere, anytime. Featuring a different workout on each card, the Workout Deck allows users to shuffle and draw exercises at random. Each card features a specific exercise and shows how that exercise can be done in three different intensity levels so the user can choose the one that matches their fitness levels and goals. The workouts can be done in or outside of the gym and are perfect for at-home workouts or traveling.

According to master personal trainer James Gullatte, "It all began back in 1999 with the goal to spread fitness to as many people as possible and to do so with a high level of integrity." The Workout Deck from BOSS Fitness is designed to do just that. The deck was created as a reflection of Gullatte’s personal training style and designed to work for individuals of all fitness levels from beginners to experts. The Workout Deck removes common obstacles, such as access to a gym or equipment, and allows users to remain motivated and disciplined even when the odds may be stacked against them.

Gullatte reported, "After over 215,000 hours of personal training, 110 million steps, and over 1,500 served, my journey has been one full of success not just for myself but for others. Results have been the driving force behind the success." James Gullatte took his extensive experience and created a hot new product that drives results. This Workout Deck was born out of the desire to bring a fun and interactive way for individuals to create their own workout routine, discover new exercises, and continue to push themselves every single day. However, the Workout Deck is also designed to allow the user to workout at their own pace. Whether they are ready to go hard for a full workout or require a lighter day, the Workout Deck allows for easily customizable workouts no matter where the user is in their fitness journey.

According to Gullatte, "The purpose of Creating the Workout Deck was to continue to spread this fitness to as many as possible while doing so at a low cost. The decks are truly an extension of my personal training style. The decks combine the years of blood, sweat, tears, experience, and results many have gotten over the years."

Learn more about the Workout Deck from BOSS Fitness: https://www.boss-fitness.com/the-work-out-deck

About BOSS Fitness

BOSS Fitness was founded by James Gullatte in 2007. A fitness studio located in Columbus, Ohio, Gullatte wanted to extend his reach to help more people meet their fitness goals. This is when the Workout Deck was born. Learn more about James Gullatte and BOSS Fitness at: https://www.boss-fitness.com/

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