8 Easy Ideas for a Fun, Festive Yet Simple and Healthy Easter

Easter Crafts and Cooking Ideas from Basquettes

BRECKENRIDGE Colo., April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After a long, cold winter filled with catastrophic news, Easter and Spring, are especially welcome this year. The tulips are poking through, Easter candy is everywhere, and we are all thinking of an enjoyable and delicious family celebration. Easter is such a fun, happy holiday and here are a few simple tips to make it even more special.

  1. Start planning your meal about two weeks in advance so you have plenty of time to gather the right cooking equipment and start grocery shopping. We love lamb for Easter and cook ours in the top level of Basquettes¬†while we roast potatoes and other vegetables below, so they get flavored by the juices but don’t sit in the grease. It’s easy to consume more than a few chocolate bunnies on Easter, so a healthy meal is important. Basquettes allows for stress-free, quick cooking so you can enjoy more family time!
  2. Two weeks before Easter is also a great time to start shopping for small, non-candy gifts for stuffing Easter baskets. Add fun things like bubbles, bath toys, foam letters, play jewelry, pool toys, sticker books, crayons, liquid chalk markers, activity books, water balloons, etc.
  3. Bring the Easter bunny into your home by crafting bunny face masks for everyone to wear. Put your family’s artistic skills to the test by drawing an outline of the top half of a bunny face, including the eyes and ears, cut it out and attach some elastic. Or, save time by downloading these free printable masks. Maybe you will be able to trick any mask wearing children into eating extra carrots!
  4. The week before Easter, decorate your house. Buy a 12-pack set of MoodClue liquid chalk markers and have your kids decorate your windows. The long-lasting liquid chalk will still look great on Easter Day and will be easy to clean off after Easter is over.
  5. Bake Easter eggs. Yes, you read that right. Cadbury unveiled its Creme Egg Cookbook back in 2021, and the Huffington Post picked the top three recipes. Baking can be an adventure with younger kids, but it makes for such fun memories and great finger-licking moments!
  6. Have an Easter Day egg hunt. This is a classic and so easy to carry out. Hide eggs in your garden or around your house and enjoy this Easter tradition that is beloved by people of all ages. All you need is eggs and any sort of basket, bag or container. Set a timer, put on some fun music, and search away!
  7. On Easter day have an egg and spoon race too!¬† This is a fun version of a school sporting days event. Grab some large spoons and hard boiled eggs and off you go. If you’re in a warm weather location, play outside with uncooked eggs for an added challenge.
  8. Most importantly, enjoy your Easter holiday with your family. Kids grow up fast!

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