343 Pilates Customers Give Their Verdict on Online VS In-Person Classes

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TeamUp, a gym management software company, and Northants Pilates, a leading Pilates studio in the UK, recently surveyed 343 Pilates customers. The objective of this survey was to understand the customers’ feelings about returning to in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic, whether they would prefer to continue with classes online or a combination of both.

This led to some interesting results including 53% of the customers saying “Yes, I can’t wait” to return to class in-person, 79% being willing to bring their own equipment and 40% saying they just were not sure about returning and preferred to continue online. These results not only demonstrate that the fitness clientele of this studio are split on whether they are comfortable returning, but that close to half feel fulfilled in taking their classes online.

The full results and analysis are here.

The survey also showed:

  • Customers are willing to continue with online classes in the absence of their normal in-person classes
  • A percentage of customers will not return to in-person classes until there is a vaccine or the pandemic has ended
  • A percentage of customers will not do online classes and want to return right now
  • Some customers are basing their decisions not just on their levels of comfort, but on convenience and distance from their homes
  • As many of the customers continue to work from home, the relation between working from home and working out in a gym or studio is a factor in their decision-making
  • Customers want to know how their gym or studio is going to ensure that health and sanitisation protocols are followed

Although the results are split, one thing is clear. The customers of this studio are prioritising going to class no matter if it is in-person or online — A key takeaway that other gyms and studios can use to make their business decisions moving forward.

TeamUp is a gym management software working with 2000+ boutique studios, gyms, boxes, and other fitness businesses worldwide. At the start of the pandemic, TeamUp was the first booking system to add a Zoom integration enabling its customers to move quickly and adopt online classes.

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