2023 Healthy Living Trend Report is The Real Fountain of Youth, from Industry Expert Mareya Ibrahim

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to Visa, women over 40 outspend anyone else.  Industry expert and trends watcher Mareya Ibrahim, predicts 2023 is the year this influential demographic learns to biohack her biology to slow down the aging process and live her best life. Here, she shares her 11th annual “8 great” healthy living trends report. 

1)  Mangia pasta
The new wave of pastas are designed specifically to work for people on high protein, low carb and ketogenic diets. Look for brands that use whey, pulses and beans for lotsa’ protein and sweet potatoes and greens for nutrition density.

2)  Date me
Nature’s candy takes over recipes as a sugar replacement and in vinegars, syrups and extracts for their low glycemic properties. Look for whole date varieties to make their way into people’s palates, including Halawi, Khadrawi, Mazafati and Barhi. Bonus?

Recipes: Vanilla date shake (book); stuffed nut butter and coconut dates with chocolate drizzle; date caramel dip.

3)  Collagen 2Go
After 35, collagen production rapidly declines. The 2.0 generation of hydrolized collagen peptides makes it easier to take on-the-go as a ‘treat’, including gels, shots, chews and gummies – for that smooth, supple skin and flexible joints.

Recipes: Chai spice collagen protein truffles, Blueberry vanilla and almond collagen protein oats, Homemade collagen protein gel shots

4)  One shot
Forget about popping a bunch of pills and vitamins. Plant-based, powder ‘Nutrient replacements’, full of essential micronutrients, phytonutrients, pre and probiotics, greens, enzymes, adaptogens, superfoods and minerals that you can drink, are taking over. Just add water.

5)  Slow buzz
The new wave of great tasting adult beverages that cut the sugar and a lot of the alcohol are here to stay. From beer to wine, spirits to spritzes, you can imbibe botanical infusions, spicy heat and a wide assortment of ‘no sulfites added’ wine without the buzz.  

6)  Red Rice
Red rice is stepping out of the grain gang.  It gets its color from antioxidants (10x more than brown rice) and magnesium, and can help reduce anxiety and stress, while supporting metabolic functions by regulating cholesterol levels, which helps maintain cardiovascular health.  It’s pretty, too.

7)  The “It” Antioxidant – Glutathione
Glutathione, or ‘the master antioxidant’, is queen when it comes to immune system function, brain health, and athletic performance by preventing damage to the cells and reduce oxidative stress. A healthy cell is a healthy body!

8)  The ‘It’ Vegetable: Kelp
Full of plant-based protein, kelp is a sustainable nutrition source and supports healthy thyroid function and weight loss.  Look for products made with kelp in every aisle from burgers to shrimp, vinegar to hot sauce, seaweed salad to noodles.

Find the full trends report at https://www.chefmareya.com/blog/2023trends

About Mareya Ibrahim:

Mareya Ibrahim is Chef Mareya, The Fit Foodie. She is the founder of eatcleaner.com, the author of “Eat Like You Give a Fork: The Real Dish on Eating to Thrive” and chef contributor to the NY Times million-copy bestseller “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life”. She is the host of the ‘Recipes for Your Best Life’ podcast. After placing in her first bikini fitness competition at age 53, she is empowering women to show that midlife can be the best time of their lives with her newest program, #FIT and fab over 40.  Chef Mareya has been featured on The Doctors, The Food Network and three seasons of Recipe Rehab.  Find her at chefmareya.com.

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